An analog place in the digital world

The CINIQ Center for Data & Information Intelligence is a place for the transfer of technology and information in the fields of innovation, research and economy in Berlin.

At present it is the home for the Smart Data Forum, a demonstration, international networking and experience space for smart data solutions sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The Forum is part of the program “Smart Data – Data Innovations”.



With its dynamic business start-up scene and large array of established international companies, Berlin is the perfect place to develop innovation and drive it forward. The CINIQ Center is situated in the heart of West Berlin and its 500 m2 of floor space offers an attractive venue hosting up to 200 guests. Its facilities include an audio and presentation system and the Center’s on-site team also supports the organization of off-site events.


...or just call: +49 30 31002 412

Working together on the data technologies of tomorrow

CINIQ showcases your solutions, collaborates with you in the organization of work groups and is the partner by your side in publically financed projects – a whole host of opportunities for bringing your technologies closer to a wide circle of users.


The Team

Antje Nestler

Antje Nestler
Project Management

phone +49 30 31002-412
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Kai Heller
Assistant Project Management

phone +49 30 31002-354
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Gabriela Thiele
Visits and Bookings

phone +49 30 31002-211
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Kathleen Schroeter

Kathleen Schröter
Head of Corporate Communication

phone +49 30 31002-424
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From developing complex software solutions and prototypes to coordinating R&D projects and opening up new user groups – the CINIQ Center has a long track record in the transfer of research results and presentation of complex technologies tailored to specific target audiences.
Ciniq Historie

Even when the Center opened its doors in 2013, CINIQ possessed a rich fund of experience in the transfer of technology and information as the THESEUS program, a research program initiated by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, had already developed a broad spectrum of novel technologies for intelligent data management.

In 2010 the THESEUS Information Center was established as part of the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, as the body responsible for the technology and information transfer of research results. In this program the Center worked together with 60 partners and presented over 40 exhibits. For more information about the research results: CINIQ Center represents the smooth continuation of the successful THESEUS Innovation Center, offering space for cutting-edge applications and ideas.

Working together to shape the future: CINIQ Projects

Below you will find an overview of all current CINIQ projects in which partner companies and organizations are collaborating to develop novel solutions and technologies in the key areas of big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Services.

Smart Factories, Smart Cities, Smart Healthcare and Smart Grids are buzzwords for the development of Smart Data activities.

Logo SmartDataForum

The Smart Data Forum deals with questions of Smart Data within applications, technical challenges and demands of the society. It supports the exchange between experts and informs society and international guests about new trends and developments in this field of research.


Opening up new customer groups in the Net. Making a company‘s own communication system safe and secure – eBusiness-Lotse helped companies in the SME sector become familiar with the themes, issues and opportunities offered by eBusiness and digital media. Since early 2013 till September 2015 the CINIQ Center has been a partner of eBusiness-Lotse Berlin.


eBusiness-Lotse was a business development initiative that offered free events, information material and advisory services on the use of modern information and communication technology (ICT). Its key aim was to optimize business processes and enhance their efficiency through use of digital solutions.

Topics of Interest – Working together on the data technologies of tomorrow

As a transfer platform the CINIQ Center offers first-hand experience of innovative technologies from the fields of big data, data intelligence and the Internet of Services.


What does a “huge volume of data” actually mean? And what is cloud computing? In a series of selected applications the CINIQ Center clearly explains how technologies and scenarios work.

The prototypes present:
  • Show how complex technologies work in specific real-world scenarios
  • Give insight into how Internet applications can be used in a company’s business processes
  • Can serve as the basis for new services and business models
  • Are suitable for presentation at major conferences and before small groups of experts.
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